Intervention: The Birth of a Brand.

Unquestionably brands continue to be a fascinating and mystifying phenomenon, still far from being understood in all there facets. Hardly surprising, considering the explosive exposure of brands in a multi-channel, digital world. Differentiation has become increasingly the name of game, but with all the new application formats, available communication choices and tools seem shear limitless.

This challenging situation motivated the publishers to initiate "Edition Brand," a forum for discussing all issues relating to brand matters. The editors and the "Edition Brand" concept - as well as the further contributing authors – will be introduced in the following paragraph. Let's just say for the time being, the common denominator of this very versatile group of experts is their total fascination with the subject brand.

Diversity of Topics

To offer our readers an insight of the relevant topics, we've chosen a comprehensive selection of topics, encompassing the challenges of managing current and future brands. The 16 chapters incorporate the gamut from brand creation, trademark laws, brand assessment to brand communication and brand analysis.

The publishers were determined to offer fascinating and compelling insight to specific topics, in-depth opinions of respective authors, beyond common wisdom and notions.

Fascination Brand

Our purpose will become abundantly obvious to our audience while reading the respective topics. The respective authors perceptible fascination for the variety of brand topics leads like a common thread through the entire book. But the posts also show that brands, despite all efforts to understand and control their actions and impact completely, remain impenetrable to a certain degree. This and the interdisciplinary approach make "Birth of brands" an enjoyable reading experience leaving little room for idle chit chat.

The "Discovery Tour"

The "Discover Tour" starts with the brand genome. It was Günter Kaefer's idea to approach the brand like an organism in order to decipher its genetic code. The tour continues with the equally exciting extraction of the psychological aspects regarding developing and designing sustainable brand personalities. Kaefers refers to them as the brand's guardian spirits. Followed by an easy to digest chapter on Trademark issues and additional observations devoted to the topics such as the interplay of language, identity and brand, the impact of brand names and imagery and last but not least some striking examples of strategic brand architecture and the relationships between brands and brand architecture.