Our Network.

The Brain-for-Brands network. Where expertise and passion meet.

Kaefer Brand Genome relies on brand experts of different competence categories and areas of expertise. Brand teams are put together according to the needs and objectives of our client's respective projects.

The knowledge, passion and variety of our brand professionals are instrumental for the compelling results of the Brand Genome Process. Morphologists, brand strategist with corporate experience copywriters, art directors and graphic designers, brand counsels, experts from media, science, technology and medicine are part of the brains-for-brands network.

Meet Ralf Weber, CEO and principal of m/e brand communications, Duesseldorf. The agency's 'full service' structure and the extensive expertise of Mr. Weber, and his team greatly complement the efforts of Guenter Kaefer and Professor Busch of the Brand and Media Institute IMM on many projects and their respective implementation and has lead to lasting relationship between client and agency. The IMM is represented in Düsseldorf at the office of m/e brand communication.